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Restaurants, ovens, bakery products, retail supermarkets, delicatessens and similar retail chain stores that offer food and beverage services can buy and sell all our products at wholesale prices.

We have listed our products that we sell as wholesale under the titles of Burma Kadayif and Baklavalar:

Burma Kadayıf Types

Burma Kadayıf With Walnut ~ Burma Kadayıf With Pistachio ~ Milky Burma Kadayıf With Pistachio


Milky Nuriye ~ Baklava with Walnut ~ Home made baklava With Walnut ~ Butterfly Baklava
Fıstıklı Baklava ~ Fıstıklı Kuru Baklava
Carrot Slice Baklava ~ Şöbiyet ~ Cold Milky Dark Chocolate Baklava
Baklava With Pistachio

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We sell wholesale Baklava and Burma Kadayıf. For detailed information and wholesale price list, you can contact 0544 965 12 12 direct gsm line or fill in detailed forms and submit your request. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention..