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While users are using services,

♦ While users are using services, copyright of services provided by Yaşar Usta Burma Kadayiflari LTD. ŞTİ, the product images and information in any way should not reproduce, distribute. 
When using the services of, the comments and / or personal information that you submit is the sole responsibility of and cannot be held responsible for such files, including, but not limited to, conflicts with other users. accepts that it is free to publish or not to publish these opinions and opinions, and also has the right to edit these opinions and comments through moderators and to correct spelling mistakes.
♦ Threatening, immoral, racist laws of the Republic of Turkey, the owner must send a message or comment on content that would violate international agreements.
♦ The comments to be added to the media shall comply with the general ethics, manners and legal rules and all publication, processing and reproduction, dissemination, representation, public transmission by means of signal, sound and / or image transmission, including transfer and assignment rights to third parties. 5846 and 5.12.1951 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, all financial rights are transferred to
♦ Should not behave in a way that adversely affects the use of other users
♦ It should not publish, reproduce, or distribute material or information that is infringing on the names of individuals or institutions, violates, unethical, inappropriate or illegal.
♦ It must not advertise, sell or offer any goods or services, or conduct surveys, contests or chain letters.
♦ It should not send information or programs that may damage information or software on other users' computers.
Should not use content, services and other assets subject to intellectual property rights without personal or commercial purposes without permission from
♦ has the right to intervene and take the user out of service in case of any violation of the rules. 
♦ Not to transmit information that is prohibited by law and to share data that is not authorized to be sent, such as chain mail, software virus (etc.).
♦ It should not record, disseminate, misuse personal information of others. uses cookies (cookies), cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a cookie file on the hard drive of a user's computer, allowing users to browse and, if necessary, accessing content that meets the needs of users accessing the site. help to prepare. Authorizations may temporarily suspend or stop the operation of the system at any time.
♦ shall have no liability to its users or third parties for the temporary suspension or suspension of the system. will take the necessary care to ensure that its services are provided in a timely, safe and error-free manner, that the results obtained from the use of the service are accurate and reliable, and that the quality of service meets the expectations, but does not commit them. has the authority to backup and delete some or all of the files, messages, and messages that will be kept in the environment during the users' use of the system. will not be held responsible for backup and deletion. produces information, documents, software, design, graphics, etc. that it produces and / or purchases from outside. copyright of works and property. 
The information, documents, software, design, graphics, etc. produced by the users of and uploaded to the system by their own will for publication (eg comment on the clipboard). has the right to publish, process, share in social media networks and / or to transfer to another address that is deemed appropriate by within the system of It is possible that this published information may be copied, processed and / or published by other users. In such cases, the user will not charge any royalties from may allow the user to access websites other than In this case, the user agrees in advance that is not responsible for the content of the sites to which they will switch. may change services that do not require user membership over time to membership, open additional services, partially or fully modify some services or convert them into paid services.